ADM is the name of my thesis project, and it stands for Abstract Drawing Machine. It is a vertical XY plotter that uses a dual stepper motor controlled hanging pulley system to drag a drawing utensil across a surface.

I am building an Arduino library, and ultimately want this to be an interactive installation.

After showing ADM V1 at the ITP/IMA Winter Show 2022, I am currently developing V2. This next version involves moving to a larger frame and getting off of the large clipboard it was previously on, redesigning the pen carriage, working on some more code, building out the ADM Arduino library, and working on the interactive element.

ADM was (and is currently being) built and programmed by me (Bianca Gan), a 2nd year graduate student at ITP (Interactive Telecommunications) in NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

You can visit my main website for more info about myself and other work I've done.